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Year Title Type
2010 Rapid response team Rapid review
2010 Effect of interventions to improve the quality of health services for eth-nic minorities Systematic review
2010 Prevention of drug harm in the elderly Rapid review
2010 Prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections Rapid review
2010 Early rehabilitation of elderly patients with hip fractures Rapid review
2010 Treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients Rapid review
2010 Prevention of falls amongst elderly in hospitals and nursing care facilities Rapid review
2010 Prevention of postoperative infections Rapid review
2010 Factors promoting and hindering the practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) Systematic review
2010 Intravenous thrombolytic treatment after acute stroke and secondary antithrombotic prevention treatment (antiplatelet and anticoagulant treatment) after stroke Health technology assessment (HTA)
2010 Treatment for persons with eating disorder Systematic reference list
2010 The 2010 Commonwealth Fund survey: Results from a comparative population survey in 11 countries Quality measurement
2010 Consideration of items to be included in a national quality system for primary health care Mapping
2010 Psychotherapeutic treatment of people with concurrent substance abuse and violence issues Systematic reference list
2010 Effects of interventions outside the health services for increased physical activity among adults Systematic review
2010 Ethical challenges with welfare technology Memorandum
2010 Expected impact of introducing screening for colorectal cancer in Norway Rapid review
2010 Effectiveness of vitamins, min-erals and other supplements on mental health for people with schizophrenia Rapid review
2010 Deaf in addiction treatment Systematic reference list
2010 Treatment of patients with acute stroke in stroke units (with or without early supported discharge) Health technology assessment (HTA)
2010 Mapping the new ownership and management forms in the care sector based on interaction, user management and co-operation Systematic reference list
2010 Conceptual Framework for a National Healthcare Quality Indicator System in Norway - Recommendations Report from NOKC
2010 Alternatives to hospital admission for the elderly and people who suffer from chronic illness: an overview of systematic reviews Rapid review