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Year Title Type
2012 Prevention of football violence Systematic reference list
2012 User evaluation of the Norwegian blood donor form Memorandum
2012 Pemetrexed as maintenance therapy for advanced, non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Health technology assessment (HTA)
2012 CT angiography used in the diagnosis of brain death Rapid review
2012 Family and community- based interventions for children and young people with behavioral problems. Systematic reference list
2012 Interventions for Tobacco Control in Low- and Middle-income countries: Evidence from Randomised and Quasi-randomised Studies Systematic review
2012 The effects of sexual therapy interventions for sexual problems Systematic review
2012 Readmission in Norwegian hospitals Memorandum
2012 List size and quality of care among GPs within the The Regular General Practitioner Scheme Systematic review
2012 Positronemissiontomography (PET) in the diagnosis and follow up of cancer – a systematic literatur search Systematic reference list
2012 Treatment of erythema migrans with antibiotics Rapid review
2012 Inpatients’ experiences with Norwegian hospitals: National results in 2011 and changes from 2006 User experiences survey
2012 User experiences with Norwegian casualty clinics: results from a survey among seven casualty clinics (“The Watchtowers”) User experiences survey
2012 Early ultrasound in routine pregnancy care Rapid review


2011 Criteria for assessment of the effect of preventive interventions Systematic review
2011 Cancer risk with folic acid supplements Systematic review
2011 Quality Collaboratives as a tool in Quality Improvement – a summary of research and experiences Systematic review
2011 Triagesystems for emergency medical services – pre-hospital and at hospital admission Systematic review
2011 A search for litterature about the effectiveness of early physiotherapy after hip arthroplasty Systematic reference list
2011 Effect of day care centers for people with dementia Systematic review
2011 Users’ experiences with coordinated health services – a review of relevant measurement instruments Systematic reference list
2011 What strategies are most successful in anti-smoking campaigns? Rapid review