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Year Title Type
2011 Communication modes for children with cochlear implant Systematic review
2011 Rehabilitation of children with myelomeningocele (MMC) Systematic reference list
2011 Efficiency of dietary counseling for patients with cancer Systematic reference list
2011 Infection preventive interventions in primary total hip replacements Systematic review
2011 Women's and partners' experiences of pregnancy-, birth- and postnatal care. Results from a pilot study Memorandum
2011 Development of a method to measure experiences of pregnancy-, birth- and postnatal care User experiences survey
2011 Thromboprophylactic treatment with rivaroxaban or dabigatran compared with enoxaparin or dalteparin in patients undergoing elective hip- or knee replacement surgery Health technology assessment (HTA)
2011 Complementary and alternative medicine for patients with cancer Systematic review
2011 Diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome Memorandum
2011 Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome CFS/ME Rapid review
2011 Chronic fatigue syndrome - ongoing clinical research studies Memorandum
2011 Chronic fatigue syndrom – a search for effect and causal studies written by Kenny De Meirleir Memorandum
2011 Patient safety and quality of health care in 2011: zero point measurement based on the GallupPanel Memorandum
2011 Effect of patient hotels for hospitals and patients Systematic review
2011 Information of knowledge gaps / research needs from NOKC’s systematic reviews and HTA reports in 2010 Memorandum
2011 Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of alendronate for the prevention of fractures in postmenopausal women in Norway Health technology assessment (HTA)
2011 The effects of group education on patients and their next of kin Systematic review
2011 Pilot project on mini-HTA in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority Memorandum
2011 Volume Calculation of a Subset of Non-surgical Examinations and Procedures in the Norwegian Hospital Service Memorandum
2011 Intermediate care units and Hospital at home for acute ex-acerbations of COPD Systematic review
2011 The effect of activity in the elderly Systematic review
2011 Interventions to support caregivers of people with dementia Systematic review
2011 A systematic review and economic evaluation of prasugrel compared to clopidogrel after PCI Health technology assessment (HTA)
2011 What is important for patients receiving inpatient substance dependence treatment? Memorandum
2011 Biologics for early rheumatoid arthritis: Review of health economic studies Systemtaic review of health economic evaluations
2011 Early ultrasound detection of heart failure Rapid review