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Denne personens profilside og publikasjoner i Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway).


År Tittel Type
2014 Implementing large-scale programmes to optimise the health workforce in low- and middle-income settings: a multicountry case study synthesis Vitenskapelig artikkel
2014 Stakeholder views on the incorporation of traditional birth attendants into the formal health systems of low- and middle-income countries: a qualitative analysis of the HIFA2015 and CHILD2015 email discussion forums Vitenskapelig artikkel
2014 Optimizing the world’s nursing and midwifery roles to meet the Millennium Development Foals for maternal and child health more effectively Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of lay health worker programmes to improve access to maternal and child health: qualitative evidence synthesis Cochrane-oversikt
2013 Developing and Evaluating Communication Strategies to Support Informed Decisions and Practice Based on Evidence (DECIDE): protocol and preliminary results. Implementation Science Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 A systematic review of qualitative evidence on barriers and facilitators to the implementation of task-shifting in midwifery services Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 Completeness of reporting of setting and health worker cadre among trials on antenatal iron and folic acid supplementation in pregnancy: an assessment based on two Cochrane reviews Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 Policymakers' and other stakeholders' perceptions of key considerations for health system decisions and the presentation of evidence to inform those considerations: an international survey Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of lay health worker programmes to improve access to maternal and child health: qualitative evidence synthesis (Protocol) Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 Nonrandomized studies are not always found even when selection criteria for health systems intervention reviews include them: a methodological study Vitenskapelig artikkel
2013 “Communicate to vaccinate”: the development of a taxonomy of communication interventions to improve routine childhood vaccination Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Accounting for the complexity of the intervention in nonpharmacologic systematic reviews. In: Boutron I, Ravaud P, Moher D (eds). Randomized Clinical Trials of Nonpharmacologic Treatments
2012 Guidance for Evidence-Informed Policies about Health Systems: Linking Guidance Development to Policy Development Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Guidance for Evidence-Informed Policies about Health Systems: Rationale for and Challenges of Guidance Development Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Guidance for evidence-informed policies about health systems: Assessing how much confidence to place in the research evidence Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Implementing nurse-initiated and managed antiretroviral treatment (NIMART) in South Africa: a qualitative process evaluation of the STRETCH trial Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Task shifting of antiretroviral treatment from doctors to primary-care nurses in South Africa (STRETCH): a pragmatic, parallel, cluster-randomised trial Vitenskapelig artikkel
2012 Towards an empowerment approach in tuberculosis treatment in Cape Town, South Africa: a qualitative analysis of programmatic change Vitenskapelig artikkel
2011 Interventions to reduce the prevalence of female genital mutilation/cutting in African countries Campbell-oversikt
2011 Still too little qualitative research to shed light on results from reviews of effectiveness trials: A case study of a Cochrane review on the use of lay health workers Vitenskapelig artikkel
2011 Can lay health workers increase the uptake of childhood immunisation? Systematic review and typology Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Estimating the burden of disease attributable to four selected environmental risk factors in South Africa Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Patients' experiences of an intervention to support tuberculosis treatment adherence in South Africa Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Policy development in malaria vector management in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 The female community health volunteer programme in Nepal: decision makers' perceptions of volunteerism, payment and other incentives Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 The emergence of community health worker programmes in the late apartheid era in South Africa: An historical analysis Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Taking healthcare interventions from trial to practice Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Delivering integrated HIV services: time for a client-centred approach to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of people living with HIV? Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Expanding access to ART in South Africa: The role of nurse initiated treatment Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 The impact of Provider-Initiated (Opt-out) HIV Testing and Counselling of patients with sexually transmitted infection in Cape Town, South Africa. A controlled trial Vitenskapelig artikkel
2010 Building an evidence base for health systems strengthening in low- and middle-income countries Populærvitenskapelig artikkel
2010 SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) Rapport fra Kunnskapssenteret
2010 Lay health workers in primary and community health care for maternal and child health and the management of infectious diseases Cochrane-oversikt
2009 Improving how your organisation supports the use of evidence to inform policymaking. Vitenskapelig artikkel
2009 Are vaccination programmes delivered by lay health workers cost-effective? A systematic review Vitenskapelig artikkel
2009 Translating research into policy: lessons learned from eclampsia treatment and malaria control in three southern African countries Vitenskapelig artikkel
2009 Can we systematically review studies that evaluate complex interventions? Vitenskapelig artikkel
2009 Effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce the prevalence of female genital mutilation/cutting Rapport fra Kunnskapssenteret
2009 Can we systematically review studies that evaluate complex interventions Vitenskapelig artikkel
2009 Ritual and the organisation of care in primary care clinics in Cape Town, South Africa Vitenskapelig artikkel
2008 Conducting a meta-ethnography of qualitative literature: lessons learnt Vitenskapelig artikkel
2008 Integrated Health Care for People with Chronic Conditions Notat
2008 Kunnskapssenterets bidrag på Cochrane Colloquium i Freiburg 2008 Foredrag/poster
2008 Developing a deeper understanding of the impacts of lay health worker interventions: combining systematic reviews of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness with a realist review of programme theory Foredrag/poster
2008 Supporting the delivery of cost-effective interventions in primary health-care systems in low-income and middle-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews Vitenskapelig artikkel
2006 An International Dialogue on Evidence-informed Action to Achieve Health Goals in Developing Countries Bakgrunnsnotat (WHO)